Navigation and Key Features

Navigating Toggl Plan is easy. Let's break it down to its main components.

Starting from the left side of the screen, we have the following options:

  1. Navigate to Toggl Track or create an account for Toggl’s time-tracking tool.
  2. Open/close the sidebar.
  3. Notifications.
  4. Settings (for profile and workspace management).
  5. Manage workspace users.
  6. Manage integrations.
  7. Navigate to help centre (you’re already here, hello!)

Workspace Sidebar

The workspace sidebar provides easy access to all key views on your workspace.

  • • At the top, you see the workspace name you're currently in. By clicking on the workspace name, you'll see a drop-down list of all the workspaces you're part of and can switch between them.
  • • Quick search - quickly find and navigate to any team, project, task or user
  • • My work - a simple hub to focus on your own tasks alone, without any extra noise.
  • • Teams - Teams are groups of people whose schedule you wish to see all at once on the same timeline. Team timelines provide the best overview of who's doing what and when.
    • • Clicking on Teams will take you to the list of all teams in that project.
    • • Use the '+' sign to add a new Team.
  • • Projects & clients - organize your tasks by project, client or any other way that works for you. You can see your Project tasks in two views - organized on a Kanban-like board in board view and organized by segments one a timeline in timeline view.
    • • Clicking on Projects & clients takes you to the full list of all your projects.
    • • Use the '+' sign to add a new Project.
  • • Favorites displays all the teams and projects you have added as a favorite. This ensures quick access from the sidebar.
    • To add a project or team as a favorite, click on the heart icon under Projects or Teams list.
    • To unfavorite, click on the three dots on the right of the project or team name on the sidebar and click ‘Unfavorite’.

The View You're In

The bulk of the screen is taken up by the current view you are in. It can be a Team timeline like on the image above or a Project board or timeline (images below).

  • • In the top-left corner there's an icon where you can collapse and expand the sidebar.
  • • Next to it is the Team or Project name.
  • • Your tasks are visible on the board or timeline on the screen. Move between the timeline and board view using the right-hand side navigation.

    At the top of the board/timeline there's also an option to filter the tasks you see.

    On Project timeline, you can also collapse and expand segments area from the purple Hide Segments button. Segments can be nice to break down a bigger project, however you can also just collapse it and create all your tasks into one segment. 

  • • At the bottom-right corner of the screen you'll find options to change your zoom level (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual), a date picker for easy navigation and Taskbox
  • • In the top-right corner of the screen, you'll find a three-dot menu. Under the menu you'll find the option to share the timeline, edit the Project/Team you're currently in as well as other actions to take (import or export tasks, manage users, follow Project/Team etc.). You can also take some of these actions by hovering over the Team/Project on the sidebar and clicking on the 3-dot menu that appears.

That's the basics of it! Take a look at some of our useful shortcuts as well.