Navigation and Key Features

Navigating through different parts of Toggl Plan is easy. Once you know what the different parts of the timeline actually are, you can use the sidebar and header to navigate quickly.

Here's what happens when you click on different parts of the sidebar and header:

  1. This is the name of the Workspace you're on. By clicking on the arrow next to it, you can navigate from one Workspace to another.
  2. Settings and teams will guide you to settings. There you can add and remove members from your workspace, as well as change your team members' access roles, change subscription plans, take care of personal settings etc.
  3. Search for any project, task, user or team. This allows you to navigate from one important task or project to another even quicker.
  4. Team timelines provide the best overview of who's doing what and when. You'll find all active team timelines for your Workspace listed under "Teams."
  5. +New Team button creates a new team timeline. Add people and start planning.
  6. The highlighted team timeline is the one you're looking at right now. The blue highlight indicates the timeline that's currently open.
  7. On plan timelines you can create, edit and track the progress of any project. Find all active plan timelines for your workspace in this section. Read more about project timelines.
  8. +New Plan button creates a new project timeline. You can chose to create a board or a timeline — or both!
  9. Navigate to a board, schedule tasks and move the task from one column to another as they get completed. Assign dates to the tasks and make them appear on the boards timeline.
  10. Navigate to a plan timeline that allows you to zoom in on projects, set deadlines and monitor your schedule as the projects progress.
  11. Archive is a hub for all the projects and team timelines you have archived — because they've been completed or maybe just on pause for a while. Archiving allows you to keep only the most relevant teams and projects on your sidebar, so that you can focus on what's most pressing.
  12. Sidebar open and close button. Sometimes it's better to concentrate on the full timeline without the distraction of the contents of a sidebar.
  13. Team name on the left side of the header indicates the timeline you're looking at.
  14. Date picker allows you to navigate to any desired date fast.
  15. Users that belong to this team. You can add or remove the users by clicking on "manage".
  16. Share any team or project timeline with your clients or any other relevant stakeholders. The users see what you've shared but cannot interact with the timeline — meaning they cannot add or change tasks.
  17. Icebox is meant for all tasks that you haven't yet added to the timeline.
  18. Three dots menu allow quick access to edit, archive and delete your timeline.
  19. Zoom levels allow you to choose the best scope to have the overview and the level of focus you need — be it a week, month, 3 months or a year.

Also take a look at some of the useful shortcuts.

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