Shortcuts and Fast Editing

Anyone who's ever made plans for anything knows that plans always change. Be it the tiniest detail or some significant rescheduling — Toggl Plan allows you to rearrange your plans quickly with shortcuts and fast editing tips.

Task Actions

  • •  Create a new task: N
  • •  Change status: right-click on Task
  • •  Reschedule: drag and drop
  • •  Change length: click and drag Task's edge

  • •  Duplicate: hold Cmd (Ctrl for PC) and drag the task on Timeline. Alternatively right-click on the task and choose Duplicate from the drop-down menu.
  • •  Delete: right-click on Task and choose Delete from the drop-down menu.
  • •  Bulk select: hold Cmd (Ctrl for PC) and click on a Task you wish to select, keep selecting. Alternatively hold Shift and click and drag your cursor across the Tasks you wish to select. You can change statuses, move to another Project, drag and drop on timelines and boards and delete bulk-selected tasks all at once.

Timeline Navigation

  • •  Cmd + click to create a task inline (without opening a task popup)
  • •  Scroll horizontally: Shift + scroll
  • •  Navigate to “Today”: T
  • •  Navigate to "You": I
  • •  Undo last move: Cmd + Z (Ctrl + Z for PC)
  • •  Print: Cmd + P (Ctrl + P for PC)
  • •  Zoom levels: W for Weekly, M for Monthly, Q for Quarterly (or 3-month), A for Annual view

Interface Toggles

  • •  Toggle Dark Mode: D
  • •  Launch Quick Search: Cmd + K (Ctrl + K for PC)
  • •  Open/close Sidebar: P
  • •  Open/close Taskbox: X
  • •  Open/close Segments: S
  • •  Toggle Tags: G
  • •  Product board compact view: Cmd + B