Shortcuts and Fast Editing

Anyone who's ever made plans for anything knows that plans always change. Be it the tiniest detail or some significant rescheduling — Toggl Plan allows you to rearrange your plans quickly with shortcuts and fast editing tips.

Task Actions

  • •  Create a new task: N
  • •  Change status: right-click on Task
  • •  Reschedule: drag and drop
  • •  Change length: click and drag Task's edge
  • •  Duplicate: hold Cmd (Ctrl for PC) and drag the task on Timeline. Alternatively right-click on the task and choose Duplicate from the drop-down menu. 
  • •  Bulk select: hold Cmd (Ctrl for PC) and click on a Task you wish to select, keep selecting. Alternatively hold Shift and click and drag your cursor across the Tasks you wish to select.
  • •  Delete: right-click on Task and choose Delete from the drop-down menu.

Timeline Navigation

  • •  Scroll horizontally: Shift + scroll
  • •  Navigate to “Today”: T
  • •  Navigate to "You": I
  • •  Undo last move: Cmd + Z (Ctrl + Z for PC)
  • •  Print: Cmd + P (Ctrl + P for PC)
  • •  Zoom levels: W for Weekly, M for Monthly, Q for Quarterly (or 3-month), A for Annual view

Interface Toggles

  • •  Launch Quick Search: Cmd + K (Ctrl + K for PC)
  • •  Open/close Sidebar: P
  • •  Open/close Icebox: B
  • •  Open/close Segments: S
  • •  Toggle Dark Mode: D
  • •  Toggle Tags: G

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