Taskbox is the place for keeping track of your unscheduled, unassigned, and draft tasks. It shows you the tasks that are missing from, but still relevant to, the view you're looking at. 

A few ways to take the most out of Taskbox:

  •   •  Find tasks assigned to you or your team that haven't been scheduled yet. Drag-and-drop to schedule them on your Team Timeline.
  •   •  Easily move tasks between boards and timelines. Start your project planning by listing all to-dos on Project Board. Then use Taskbox on Project Timeline to drag-and-drop the tasks on your project roadmap.
  •   •  Manage work requests on boards. Move to-dos you're working on to in progress status and deprioritize the non-urgent requests to Taskbox.
  •   •  Deal with postponed to-dos. When a task gets postponed to an unknown date, simply drag-and-drop it into Taskbox for future reference and easy access.
  •   •  Manage your ideas for future actions and create tasks right into Taskbox. Later simply drag-and-drop to schedule them.

How Taskbox works

You can open/close Taskbox from the icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen. The icon also shows an indicator of the number of tasks in Taskbox right now.

You can drag-and-drop tasks in and out of Taskbox as well as create new tasks straight into it.

The Taskbox always shows tasks depending on the view you're in. The filter labels inside Taskbox also explain what tasks you're looking at. 

  •   •  On Team timeline - Unscheduled & Assigned to Team - all tasks that have been assigned to people in this Team view but have not been scheduled. Keep track of tasks you're responsible for and easily put them on your schedule.
  •   •  On Project timeline - Unscheduled & In Project - all tasks in the current Project that have not been put on the roadmap yet. Easily schedule all tasks listed on board view.
  •   •  On Project board - No status & In Project - all tasks that have been deprioritized and are in draft, created straight to Taskbox. Move tasks that aren't a priority right now, but might be relevant in the future, out of view for easy later access.