Team View

When you first sign up to a trial account, you'll automatically have a first Team created for you, with you as the only Team member. If you do not see Teams section on the sidebar, you're probably on a Solo plan, which doesn't have this functionality. Solo users can use My Work to see their own tasks and schedule. 

About Team Timelines

Team timelines give you the best visual overview of who's working on what and when

Team view puts tasks on a timeline, organized by people in the team. Tasks are color-coordinated by project and faded when completed. That way, you can see at a glance what everyone is working on, make sure that no one is overloaded, and notice when there's room for new projects.

You can add everyone in your company to one Team to see all the schedules at once. However, if you're a bigger organization, you may want to break it down to smaller groups to reduce visual noise and allow a concentration on smaller teams based on a project, skill set or department.

Setting Up a Team 

  • •  To create a new team
    1. click on the ‘+’ on the upper right in the Team list
    2. add a name to your team
    3. add users to the team

To ensure the team is easily accessible via the sidebar, click on the heart next to the project name to add it to favorites.

  • •  To add a new user to the team, click on the light-purple placeholder at the bottom-left side of the timeline.

Alternatively you can do the same from 'Edit' under the 3-dot menu at the top-right corner or when hovering over the Team name on the sidebar. 

  • •  To create and assign tasks to people, simply click on their swimlane or click and drag to create a multi-day task. You can drag and drop tasks around the timeline to re-schedule or re-assign. 
  • •  You can also create milestones on your timeline. Milestones appear as a colorful vertical line throughout the whole timeline (see November 11th on the image above) and they're great for marking important deadlines. 

Navigating Team Timelines

You'll find all the teams you've created by clicking on ‘Teams’ on the sidebar. To ensure the team is easily accessible via the sidebar, click on the heart next to the project name to add it to favorites. At the top of the timeline, you'll see the name of the Team you're currently looking at. This Team name is also highlighted on the sidebar.

To create a new team, click on the '+' sign on the sidebar next to Teams section. 

Team timeline has

  • •  dates on the horizontal axis
  • •  all the members of the Team on the vertical axis.

The weekends are usually highlighted in a darker color on the timeline, but you can also opt to not show them at all from your Profile settings.

To move around on the timeline

  • •  Hold Shift + scroll to scroll the timeline horizontally
  • •  Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom-right corner to change zoom levels. You can choose between a weekly, monthly, quarterly or an annual view.
  • •  Click on the calendar icon at the bottom-right corner to quickly navigate to any other year or month. The Today button next to it brings you back to the current date.


There are other actions you can take on timeline views from sharing them via link to exporting your data. All the main actions are in the right-top corner of the timeline view.

The 3-dot menu keeps actions like editing the Team, marking it as a favorite (subscription feature - this pins it to the top of your sidebar), getting a shareable link to your timeline,  following the Team (getting notified of changes), managing users in your workspace, deleting the Team and exporting tasks. 

Know Your Tasks at a Glance

There's quite a bit you can tell about your tasks by just looking at the timeline. 

  • •  Who is responsible for completing the task (vertical axes) and when they are working on it (horizontal axis).
  • •  Is the task part of a Project? If yes, there should be Project name under the task's title. You can easily distinguish tasks from different Projects as they are also automatically color-coded by the color of the Project.
  • •  Is  the task completed? Done tasks are faded out on the timeline (you can change this is your profile settings). You'll know the task status (blocked, in progress etc.) if it's not yet Done by the emoji in front of task title.
  • •  Is there a checklist attached? Checklists generate a grey progress bar at the bottom of the task bar.
  • •  Are there any notes in the task? Notes generate a small grey triangle at the top-right corner of the task.

When you hover over your tasks, you get a summary of key details as well.