How to Get Started

Toggl Plan is a project planner designed to give you the best overview of what your team is up to and where your projects are heading.

First, create a plan

Create a plan and toggle the boards, as well as timeline ON. Starting with merely boards is a good enough option as well.

Add tasks to boards

Add everything you need to get done to the boards. Prioritise them by dragging and dropping the tasks to another column, to clearly communicate the state and urgency of what needs to get done.

Create a schedule

By adding start and end dates to the tasks on your list, you will also be able to see those dates on a plan timeline. Add new ones straight on the timeline, or rearrange the existing ones to better reflect the reality.

Now, Create Tasks

To add a task to your timeline, simply click and drag to create a colourful block of the length of your choosing. This block marks the dates you have chosen for the task to occur on. Read more about setting up a task.

Then, Add Users

Invite your teammates to Toggl Plan by adding their email addresses to the field. Or, if you would rather test Toggl Plan out alone first, just add a name (and no email) – this creates a dummy user. Dummy users cannot access the workspace but you can still assign them tasks. Furthermore, you can add an email to a dummy user later on, as needed.

See What Your Team Is Up To

Now that you've created projects and assigned tasks, it's time to enjoy a visual overview of what your team is up to by navigating to team-view. This will answer the question of what everyone is working on, at a glance.

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