Tags and Segments

You can organize your tasks into Projects. But you can also organize your Projects and tasks further by using segments and tags.

  • •  Segments are visible on Project timeline's vertical axis, organizing tasks into different swimlanes. You can filter your tasks by Segments on board view.
  • •  Tags provide filtering options in both timeline and board views. They appear as small labels inside task cards.

There are a few ways you can use these task properties.

Example 1

I'm a PM for our company's rebranding project. Since there are a lot of moving parts I want to visually break the project down into different aspects it touches on. Thus I create a Project named Rebranding and use segments for visual clarity.

Example 2

I'm a developer checking on tasks to take on next. There are a lot of requests coming in from various teams, but we use a tagging system to mark tasks to be handled this week as well as those with highest priority. This helps us easily filter and find the most urgent to-dos.

You can toggle tags to be visible on the rights-top corner above the Project timeline.

Finally, you can also use a combination of tags and segments. It’s all about how much detail is valuable to you and what provides a better overview.