Project Progress Overview

Follow the progress of your entire Project in one view:

Access this view by clicking ‘Overview’ in the Projects & clients list.

What can I see here?

Box 1 - Task progress:
  • • Adds up all Tasks in the selected Project
  • • Adds up all Tasks marked ‘Done’ in the selected Project (more on Task properties here)
  • • Visualizes the progress in an easily accessible way
Box 2 - Estimated vs actuals:
  • • Sums up the time estimates for all Tasks in this specific Project. Please note, that the estimation for Recurring Tasks without an end date is only counted once.
If you are using Toggl Track and have enabled the integration, this view also:
  • • Counts all the time that has been tracked to the corresponding Project in Toggl Track
  • • Compares tracked hours to planned hours
  • • Provides you with a direct link to the Detailed report of this Project in Toggl Track
Scheduled and unscheduled Tasks
By default, this view only includes scheduled Tasks. Switch the toggle at the top right to also include unscheduled Tasks. 

Why are there no ‘actual’ hours tracked?

This number of hours is taken directly from Toggl Track reports, so make sure your setup is complete on Apps & Integrations page.

If your integration is set up but no actual time is being shown, it might be that:
a) time entries have accidentally been tracked under the wrong Project in Toggl Track, orb) this particular Project is not linked to any Project in Toggl Track
There are a number of reasons this might be:
  • • Your Project names don’t match 100%
  • • The Project in Toggl Track is private
  • • A client is attached on one end, but not the other

Check this article for more details on how the Toggl Track integration works.