Project Board

When you first sign up to Toggl Plan, you'll automatically have a first Project created for you. Project boards are a subscription feature.

About Projects

Project views let you zoom into a specific project at a time. Organizing tasks into Projects also gives you access to a few Project-specific properties and customizations:

  • •  You can organize your tasks further with Tags and Segments
  • •  You can customize the default task statuses on Project board.

Projects always have a color and all tasks in that plan automatically get the Project's color. This way your Team timelines remain beautifully color-coordinated and easy to understand.

Projects have two views - boards and timelines. These show the same information but present it in a different way. This article will focus on Project boards. Read more about Project timelines here.

Setting up a Project Board

  •  • To create a new Project, click on the '+' sign on the sidebar next to Plans section. Name your Project, choose a color of your liking (click on the colored circle next to Project name) and make sure your Boards view is active. Click Add to finish creating the Project.
  • •  (If needed) Navigate to the board view from the timeline/board menu at the top-right hand side of the view or from the drop-down list appearing under the Project name on the left-hand sidebar.
  • •  Click on +Add Task under the desired status column to quickly list your tasks. You can drag and drop your tasks between statuses or to re-order them in a column. 

Navigating Project Board

You'll find all Projects you've created on the sidebar under Projects section. The Project that you currently have open is highlighted.

At the top of the board, you'll also see the name of the Project you're currently looking at. Next to it you'll be able to switch between Project views and toggle the views on/off.

On Project boards, tasks are organized by their statuses. The default statuses are always To-do, In progress, Blocked and Done, but you can customize them and their emojis from Project board view. 


There are other actions you can take on Project board. All the main actions are in the right-top corner of the board view.

The 3-dot menu keeps actions like editing the Project, marking it as a favorite (subscription feature - this pins it to the top of your sidebar), sharing the Project timeline externallyfollowing the Project (getting notified of changes), duplicating, archiving or deleting the Project, importing and exporting tasks. 

Know Your Tasks at a Glance

There's quite a bit you can tell about your tasks by just looking at the Project board. 

  • •  What's the task's status (the column it is in).
  • •  Who is responsible for completing the task. Assigned tasks show the assigne(s) on the task card.
  • •  Is the task scheduled? Scheduled tasks show dates on the task card.
  • •  Is there a checklist attached? Checklists generate a progress check (e.g., ☑️3/4)
  • •  Are there any notes in the task? Notes generate a small paper icon on the task card.
  • •  Are there any segments or tags added to the task? Tags appear as colorful labels and segments as grey labels with a square on task card