Toggl Track Integration

The Toggl Plan and Toggl Track integration provides an easy way to start and stop timing your tasks from within Toggl Plan, and automatically pass the data through to your Toggl Track workspace. 
Read the instructions below or check out our explainer video.

How Does It Work?

Start the timer either from the timeline, by right-clicking a task:

…or from top-right corner inside the task popup.

When you’re timing a task, you’ll get a visual indication:

You can stop the timer in the same way that you started it. After you stop timing a task, the entry will be automatically passed through to Toggl Track, based on how you've previously configured it during setup.

Setting Up

Setting up the integration is quick and easy. 

First of all, please ask the Toggl Plan workspace owner or admin to activate the integration in the Integrations tab. If you are the owner or admin of this workspace, great! You’ll be able to allow access to the integration for your whole team.
  1. Navigate to the Toggl Track integration page in Toggl Plan (Settings → Integrations → Toggl Track).
  2. Select 'ON' to enable the integration.

Every person who wants to use the integration should follow these steps below to complete the setup.

  1. Head over to your Toggl Track workspace, and copy your API token. You can find it by going into Profile settings, and scrolling down until you see the ‘API Token’ subheading.
  2. Navigate to the Toggl Track integration page in Toggl Plan (Settings → Integrations → Toggl Track).
  3. Copy and paste your API token into the relevant field in your Toggl Plan settings, hit Enter or click anywhere on the page to save.
  4. Configure the remaining settings to decide how data should be sent to Toggl Track. For example, choose whether a Plan or Segment name should be mapped to a Project or Client in Toggl Track.

What You Should Know

  • •  If you start timing your tasks in Toggl Plan, you should also stop doing it through Toggl Plan. The integration can't detect if you've gone to the Toggl Track user interface and stopped the timer there.
  • •  Every person who wants to track their time will need to add an API token, found in their Toggl Track ‘Profile settings’ page.
  • • Only workspace Owners, Admins and Members with full editing rights can use the integration to track time.
  • •  There are two reasons why you possibly can't see the Toggl Track integration in your integrations page. 

1. You're a Solo plan user, whereas the feature is a paid feature. You can compare our subscription plans on our pricing page.

2. Your workspace admin hasn't enabled the integration. Just ask them to do so and you'll be good.

  • •  Toggl Plan and Toggl Track are still two separate tools, requiring two different logins, accounts and billing. The Integration simply makes for an easier way to time your tasks, and pass the data to your Track workspace.