Project View

Project view consists of 2 intertwined views:

Project Timeline

Project Board

Projects are created to outline any type of project from start to finish and used to keep an eye on the tiniest details. It is especially useful for cross-functional collaboration because the visual overview of all types of tasks gives you a clear reflection of the estimated amount of work to be done — whereas a Timeline helps you better understand the process and important dates and possible bottlenecks, while Boards helps you work in sprints and focus on Task statuses.

To create a project:

  1. Click on "+New Project" on sidebar
  2. Toggle a switch based on whether you would like to use Boards or Timeline; you can add one more view later on
  3. Choose a colour — this is really important once you start assigning tasks to people. Team timeline that's composed of all tasks you have assigned to different people, can be easily colour coded by adding a designated colour for different projects.