What is Toggl Plan

What is Toggl Plan, how can it help your business and how is it different from other solutions?

Toggl Plan is a team calendar that gives you a visual overview of who's doing what and when. Focus on what your team is up to or zoom in to the progress your projects are making. This allows you to stay on top of things and foresee all possible bottlenecks so you can solve them fast.

What can you do with Toggl Plan?

  • Get a visual overview at a glance. Color coding is something Toggl Plan excels in. When you make sure all projects are following a different colour, you can easily see who's working on what and in which states your projects are in.
  • Plan your projects, from the outline to specific deadlines and detailed task descriptions. First break your projects down to segments, then to tasks and add checklists to each smaller task. Guide your projects to a finish and provide as much detail about each task as you need.
  • Know who's doing what and when. Plan your team's time and make sure everyone can stay on top of things. Team timelines allow you to better understand who's overwhelmed, who could take more on — and reassign or change your plans accordingly.
  • See behind the curve. Planning ahead lets you foresee what's on your timeline during the upcoming days, weeks and months. That way, you can anticipate when things get tight and you need to get additional people onboard — or when you need to plan smarter.
  • Create and change plans fast. You can create a visual outline of a project in minutes with simply clicking and dragging on a timeline. If someone falls ill or simply has too much work to do, you can easily reschedule everything by simply dragging and dropping.
  • Share your plans with clients.
  • Make info accessible to everyone. Add all task-related checklists to break down a task and upload files, be it project briefs or specifications, feedback sheets or initial drafts, to any task.
  • Keep your eye on the progress. With checklist progress visible on any task and task statuses being updated from "In progress" to "Done", you can stay on top of all things that are either ready to hand over to your client — or need some additional help to get unstuck.
  • Manage tasks on a kanban by using a board. Add tasks and move them along the pipeline as things progress.

Who uses Toggl Plan?

  • Project managers who need a lean, easy-to-use software to keep tabs on how their projects are progressing and who in their team is doing what and when. Absence of complicated features such as dependencies keep Toggl Plan lightweight and easy to adopt for the whole team.
  • CEO's who need a simple overview of who is working on what, what projects are at hand and what the near future brings.
  • Creative agencies and design studios that need a scheduling software that gives a simple and beautiful visual overview of all assigned tasks, so that the employees know what they need to work on next.
  • Agencies that need a project planning tool to simplify client communication. Sharing project plans with a client allows every interested party to stay informed and keep each other updated about project developments.
  • Large companies that require a simple scheduling tool to communicate with outside partners. Internal tools are sometimes too revealing or will not allow flexibility that Toggl Plan offers

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Why is Toggl Plan different?

  • Easy to use. Compared to other project planning and scheduling tools, Toggl Plan offers a lightweight and minimal feature set.
  • Gives a perfect visual overview. We have no shame in tooting our own horn: Toggl Plan really excels in visual communication. When projects are color coded, you need a second to understand what your team is dealing with and what's entering the pipeline next.
  • Setting up a project takes minutes and it can be edited in minutes. The only thing you really need to know how to do is clicking and dragging. That's why outlining a project is easy and fast, as is rescheduling. To make room for the quick job your client really, really needs to get done, just drop the planned tasks somewhere else on the timeline.

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