Availability Overview

Availability Overview helps you quickly understand how your team members are doing next week, month, or sprint. At a glance, you’ll see if each team member is

  • •  Over or under-booked
  • •  How many hours of free time do they have available in your chosen date range.

Availability Overview is a Business plan feature.

How to use the Availability Overview?

Availability Overview is accessible on all team timelines from the Show availability button on the vertical axis or via shortcut S. It is visible to everyone with access to the team timeline.

By default, the availability overview shows your team members’ workload for the next 30 days. You can customize the date range from the top over the panel (the maximum date range is 6 months). Selected dates are also highlighted on the timeline horizontal axes.

Once you’ve selected your desired timeframe, you can

  • •  scroll the timeline to check what’s keeping your team busy and
  • •  move tasks around to see how it impacts the availability.

What does the Availability Overview show?

Quickly view which team members are over or under booked in the Availability Panel

At a glance, the availability overview shows the

  • •  % value and a visualization of how booked your team member is
  • •  The number of available hours they have left

If you hover over the bar visualization, you can also see their total working hours and current workload for the set date range. If numbers and the visualization are in red, the person is overbooked.

The availability overview only calculates this data for working days, excluding weekends and time off days. 

The calculations are as follows

  • •  Booked: workload / working hours
  • •  Availability: working hours - workload
  • •  Working hours: working schedule hours x working days
  • •  Workload: total time estimate of scheduled tasks on working days

How do I get the most value out of the Availability Overview?

  1. Make sure working hours are accurate in user settings. By default, we’ve set this to 8h for everyone.  
  2. Schedule upcoming tasks with time estimates - if you’re not seeing time estimates on the task card, you can open profile settings to make estimates visible by default.
  3. Add time off to Toggl Plan.