Track to Plan Data Import

This feature is a part of the Toggl Track integration and available on all paid subscription plans.

You can import all active Clients, Projects, and Tasks from Toggl Track to Toggl Plan. The integration will first match any Clients, Projects, and Tasks with matching names and then import all additional active Clients, Projects, and Tasks to Toggl Plan.

New Clients, Projects, and Tasks created in either tool after enabling the integration will also be created in the other tool. 

How to import Clients, Projects, and Tasks from Toggl Track:

1. Set up the Toggl Track integration (see the steps here):

2. Select the option to import all active data:

  • Projects will match only if they are connected to the same Client or no Client in both tools
    • The integration does not consider 'Project A' and Project A - Client A' as the same Project. 
  • Only active Projects are imported
    • Archived projects will not be imported to Toggl Plan.
    • Project estimates are imported only if “Calculate project estimates based on task estimates” is disabled in Track.
    • If set up, project start and end dates are synced between the two tools without reservations.
  • Task sync requires a paid plan in Toggl Track
    • Tasks are a paid feature in Toggl Track
  • Toggl Plan can have tasks without a Project, Track can’t
    • This means that projectless tasks from Plan are not synced to Track.
    • If you Track time based on such a Plan task, the task name will be used for the time entry description in Track. The task itself will not be imported nor will this time entry be allocated to a project.
  • Toggl Plan allows multiple tasks with the same name within one Project, Track doesn’t
    • This means that multiple Tasks with the same name in Plan are synced to 1 task in Track
  • Toggl Track has Private Projects, Plan doesn’t
    • Toggl Plan has a separate integration setting letting the user choose if they want to sync private projects or not.
    • Task sync correlates with the private project sync setting. This means that the integration only syncs tasks and imports tasks from private projects if private project sync is enabled. If private project sync is disabled, the integration ignores private projects and tasks within them.
    • Private projects from Track are imported as public projects in Plan if this import is enabled.
  • There are no bulk edit options for Clients and Project in Toggl Plan.
  • Projects, Clients, and Tasks must still be deleted on both tools separately
    • The sync only includes other actions, such as renaming and archiving.