My Work

My Work offers a full overview of your personal plans on any given day. The view has three sections

1. My tasks

List view gives you a full overview of all the tasks assigned, whether or not they are scheduled on a timeline. That way, you have all due dates and other important obligations right before you. Add new tasks to the list, start a timer and mark each of the items “done” as you progress.

2. My projects

A list of projects with more than 1 task assigned to you. Clicking the link icon on the right takes you straight to those projects for a deeper look.

3. Timeline

Timeline gives you an overview of all scheduled tasks and answers key questions: when they are due, what’s the estimated daily effort, and how many days have they been estimated to take?

Timeline is hidden under MyWork by default. To access the timeline, you need to open it by clicking on “show timeline.”