Toggl Track integration

The Toggl Plan and Toggl Track integration provides an easy way to start and stop timing your tasks from within Toggl Plan, and keep your Clients, Projects, and Tasks synced in both tools.  
The integration can:
  • • Sync new Clients, Projects, and Tasks* between Track and Plan
  • • Sync existing Clients, Projects, and Tasks* between Track and Plan
  • • Enable time tracking from Toggl Plan tasks and automatically send it to Toggl Track as time entries allocated to the appropriate project and task* if Task sync is enabled.
  • • Visualize actual time tracked compared to time estimated in Progress Overview

*Tasks are a paid feature in Toggl Track

In this article we cover: 
  1. Setting the integration up as Owner/Admin
  2. Tracking time in Toggl Plan
  3. Things to keep in mind
  4. Why is the integration creating time entries without a public Project or Client attached in Toggl Track?

Setting the integration up as Owner/Admin

Setting up the integration is quick and easy. 

First of all, the Toggl Plan workspace Owner or Admin must activate the integration in the Integrations tab. To ensure that all data can be synced between workspaces, we recommend that the integration be set up by someone who is also a Toggl Track workspace Owner or Admin.

If you are the Owner or Admin in both Toggl Plan and Toggl Track, that's great! You’ll be able to allow access to the integration for your whole team.

Keep in mind that the settings you choose will apply to the whole workspace. Once the integration is enabled, it will connect/match Projects, Clients, and Tasks between the two tools depending on your choices.

Setting up as Owner/Admin:

  1. Navigate to the Toggl Track integration page in Toggl Plan (Settings → Integrations → Toggl Track)
  2. Select 'ON' to enable the integration
    1. Decide between syncing private projects (they will become public in Toggl Plan) or just syncing public projects from Toggl Track and disregarding the private ones.
    2. Decide on syncing Tasks also or only Clients and Projects
    3. Decide if you would like to import Client, Project (and Task) data from Toggl Track. Choosing 'Do not import' means that only new Projects, Clients, and Tasks created after integrating will be created in the other tool. To import existing data, you need to select "Import all active data". You can learn more about Client, Project, and Task import from Track here
  3. Choose the correct Toggl Track workspace and the remaining settings.

Setting up as Owner/Admin when the integration has already been enabled:

Navigate to the Toggl Track integration page in Toggl Plan (Settings → Integrations → Toggl Track) to access the current configuration and make the necessary changes.

If you change the Toggl Track workspace or the option to tag time entries, please keep in mind that these will change for the whole Toggl Plan workspace.

Tracking Time in Toggl Plan

Start the timer either from the timeline or board: right-clicking on a task: hovering on the task and clicking on the icon that appears:

…or from top-right corner inside the task card:

When you’re timing a task, you’ll get a visual indication in the bottom right-hand corner of your workspace:

You can stop tracking time the same way you can start it, or by ending the tracking at the bottom right-hand tracker.

Things to keep in mind

  • • There are two reasons why you possibly can't see the Toggl Track integration in your integrations page. 
    1. You're a Solo plan user, whereas the feature is a paid feature. You can compare our subscription plans on our pricing page.
    2. Your workspace Owner or Admin hasn't enabled the integration. Just ask them to do so and you'll be good.
  • • The integration will match Clients, Projects, and Tasks that have exactly the same names in both Plan and Track
    • When a new Client, Project, or Task is created in Toggl Plan, they are automatically added to your Toggl Track workspace as a Client, a public Project, or a Task (provided that the task has a project in Plan originally, tasks can not exist without projects in Track)
    • When tasks are synced, task statuses are also being kept up to date in both tools. This means that when you mark your task as “done” in Track, the same task is also marked “done” in Plan.
    • When a new Client, Project, or Task is created in Toggl Track, it is automatically added to Toggl Plan as a Client, a Project, or a Task
  • • Deleting Clients and Projects does not delete them in the other tool, but simply removes the connections.
  • • Toggl Plan and Toggl Track are still two separate tools - the Integration simply makes for an easier way to time your tasks and pass new data between Toggl Track and Toggl Plan.

Why is the integration creating time entries without a Project or Client attached in Toggl Track?

There could be two reasons, both in cases where you've opted not to sync private projects.

  1. The Project name might match a Private project in Toggl Track. If a private Project with the matching Project name already exists, we will not create or sync it in Toggl Track.
  2. If a regular user creates a project in Toggl Track, it will not be synced with Toggl Plan until turned public by an admin. This is because regular users cannot create public Projects in Toggl Track.

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