Access Rights

Access Rights enables you to invite Guest users to the workspace who will only have access to limited Plans and Teams. It is great when working with sensitive information, multiple clients or collaborating with external stakeholders.

How It Works

When looking at the user settings page, you can choose between Team Members and Guests. Team Members are regular users who have access to the whole workspace, while Guests can only access the Plans and Teams you've enabled for them. Both can have tasks assigned to them.

Guests can only have either Can View or Update Only user roles. You can still edit their profile settings such as working hours and holidays, and you'll also have to select the Plans and Teams they should see under the 'Collaborating on' section of their profile. 

When inviting a new Guest to the workspace, they will receive an invitation link, asking to create a Toggl Plan account and join your workspace. If you have not previously marked them as collaborators on any Plans or Teams, they won't however be able to see anything.

Read more about the terminology, adding and managing users here

Guest Members will still be billed for according to our per user prices. Access Rights (the ability to add Guest Members) is a paid feature.

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