Data Export

All Toggl Plan users have access to reporting on daily and weekly intervals via overview emails that showcase done and overdue tasks as well as what’s up next. 

Data export is a more flexible way to access and summarize information from your workspace. The exported information can be easily used for checkups, reporting, creating summaries or working with other tools.

Data export is a paid feature available on Business plan and only accessible to workspace Owners and Admins.

How It Works

Data export or the ' Export Tasks' button can be found in the three-dot menu in the right top corner of Team and Plan views. You can choose between three levels for data export:

  • •  Export all workspace data for all time - this includes all tasks in Projects, Teams, archived Projects and Taskbox.
  • •  Export a specific Project - choose the Project, the dates and whether you want to include tasks without dates.
  • •  Export a specific Team -  choose the Team, the dates and whether you want to include tasks without dates.

The exported .csv file contains the following information:

  • •  task name
  • •  task status
  • •  Project name
  • •  segment
  • •  tags
  • •  assignee name and email
  • •  dates
  • •  recurrence
  • •  estimates time (minutes) - this is the total time estimation for the task. If daily estimates were used, the value is multipled by task length in days.
  • •  start and end times

The .csv files can be opened for example with Google Sheets or Excel. Use the Import function to make sure the data is presented correctly in the applications.