Notifications, E-mails and Messages

In-App Notifications

Whenever there are relevant updates to tasks, you’ll see a small red number next to the Updates menu on the sidebar. The updates center groups two types of notifications:

  • • Tasks - here you’ll see changes made to all tasks you follow.
    By default, you follow tasks that you create or that are assigned to you. You can also manually (un)follow tasks one by one form the task popup or in bulk by (un)following whole Plans and Teams. 
  •  Comments & mentions - here you’ll see if someone @mentions you, or replies to a comment thread you're part of. 

After having seen an update, you can archive it from the small folder icon to clean up your feed.

You’ll have access to archived updates from the folder icon in the top right corner.

Email Notifications

Toggl Plan has two types of e-mail notifications:

  1. Action notifications - informing when tasks have been edited or someone mentions you in a comment
  2. Reporting notifications - daily overviews and weekly summaries

To change your notifications settings, go to Settings & Team -> My Profile where you can control all individual notification emails.

Task Notification Emails

Task notifications are sent when changes are made to tasks you follow. 

By default, you follow tasks that you create or that are assigned to you. You can also manually (un)follow tasks one by one form the task popup or in bulk by (un)following whole Plans and Teams. 

Comment Notification Emails

Comment notification emails are sent when someone @mentions you, or replies to a comment thread you're part of. 

Daily Overview Emails

Daily overview emails provide a clear picture of the tasks you have on the day as well as any overdue tasks you might need to catch up on. They are sent only on the days when there’s something to report.

The emails contain:

  • • List of all milestones today.
  • • Tasks planned for today.
  • • Overdue tasks from the past 14 days.
  • • A list of plans with tasks that haven’t been scheduled (do not have dates) but are assigned to you.

Once you enable daily overview emails in your profile settings, you can also choose the time of day to receive it. Just make sure you’ve also set the correct timezone in your profile settings.

Weekly Digest Emails

Weekly digest emails provide a weekly summary of the progress made in the whole Toggl Plan workspace during the previous week. 

The emails contain:

  • • Number of tasks scheduled for the previous week vs the number of tasks done.
  • • Number of unscheduled tasks completed in the previous week.
  • • List of all milestones from the previous week.
  • • An overview of plans with tasks scheduled for last week.
  • • A summary of unscheduled plans worked on last week.
  • • Upcoming milestones.

Weekly emails are only sent if there is something to report.


Slack notifications are sent every time a task is added or edited. The notification includes the information about who edited, what was changed, etc. For the time being, Slack notifications will go out Sunday-Saturday if you sign up for the daily to-do. This means all seven days of the week.

Setting Up Slack Notifications

  1. Find Settings & Team in the upper-left corner and navigate to Integrations
  2. Select Slack
  3. Choose the type of the integration you'd like to set up:

    • Timeline changes. Notifies you whenever a certain user makes a change on your timeline.
    • Daily to-do lists. Sends you your personal list of tasks scheduled for that particular day at a time of your choosing.

  4. Select the User you would like notifications from.
  5. Allow Toggl Plan to post messages to chat in Slack.
  6. Select the channel the messages should be sent to.
  7. For private messages select @slackbot as the channel.
  8. For Daily to-do list, select the time you wish to receive them and press Add.
  9. Remove Slack Notifications by clicking on the type of the Slack integration which you want to be removed and pressing Remove

There are three different types of overviews you can receive, each one of those with a different purpose.

Mobile Overview

Our mobile app provides a simple daily overview. This feature helps you answer two questions: what is my team up to and what do I need to take care of today?

Showing only the relevant information you have specified, the daily overview provides the answers in a list that you can scroll through. And if you turn on notifications, you will never miss a single daily update. Check it anywhere – while commuting or before daily meet-ups with everyone.

To set it up:

  1. Tap on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner.
  2. Pick groups you need updates on.

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