E-mails, Messages and Notifications

E-mail Notifications

Toggl Plan allows you to get notified when something is changed on your timeline by e-mail or via Slack. Switching notifications on will make sure you get a notification every time someone assigns you a task or if a task that's already assigned to you is edited.

To get notifications

• Go to Settings, select My Profile
• Toggle "Get Notifications"

Whenever you wish to stop these notifications, go to the settings on your Toggl Plan workspace, click on "My Profile" and toggle the switch from purple to grey.


Slack notifications are sent every time a task is added or edited. The notification includes the information about who edited, what was changed, etc. For the time being, Slack notifications will go out Sunday-Saturday if you sign up for the daily to-do. This means all seven days of the week.

Setting Up Slack Notifications

  1. Find Settings & Team in the upper-left corner and navigate to Integrations
  2. Select Slack
  3. Choose the type of the integration you'd like to set up:

    • Timeline changes. Notifies you whenever a certain user makes a change on your timeline.
    • Daily to-do lists. Sends you your personal list of tasks scheduled for that particular day at a time of your choosing.

  4. Select the User you would like notifications from.
  5. Allow Toggl Plan to post messages to chat in Slack.
  6. Select the channel the messages should be sent to.
  7. For private messages select @slackbot as the channel.
  8. For Daily to-do list, select the time you wish to receive them and press Add.
  9. Remove Slack Notifications by clicking on the type of the Slack integration which you want to be removed and pressing Remove


There are three different types of overviews you can receive, each one of those with a different purpose.

Weekly Digest

Meant only for admins, the weekly digest arrives on Friday and is a retrospective of every task done during the past week. Weekly Digest reports your progress on a weekly basis, providing much-needed feedback to your planning flow.

The Weekly Digest showcases

• Planned tasks vs tasks marked done. This bird’s eye view of your overall progress in meeting your plans compares all your team’s finished tasks with the ones that haven’t been marked done.

• Project progress. Project-based feedback makes sure you know exactly how far along you have come with the ongoing projects, how many tasks have been marked done and how many of those are still waiting for execution.

• Past and upcoming milestones. This part of the feature helps you keep an eye on the deadlines. Know what’s been met last week and what’s coming up during the present one.

To set up Weekly Digest,

  1. Go to My Profile in Settings
  2. Toggle the switch for Weekly Digest.

Please note that only admin users can receive the weekly email.

Daily To-do List

Arrives via e-mail or Slack and is a summary of all tasks assigned for you on that day.

To get the e-mail

  1. Go to settings
  2. Toggle the switch for daily to-do list
  3. Choose the time of day you wish to get the email

Note that if you haven't hidden the weekend, you will get the email even during your days off.

Daily Overview

Daily Overview is only available on mobile. This feature helps you answer two questions: what is my team up to today and what do I need to take care of today?

Showing only the relevant information you have specified, the Daily Overview provides the answers in a list that you can scroll through. And if you turn on notifications, you will never miss a single daily update. Check it anywhere – while commuting or before daily meet-ups with everyone and be kept in the loop. To set it up:

  1. Tap on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner.
  2. Pick groups you need updates on.

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