How can I send notifications to my team?

Every user can decide which notifications he/she wants to get - if you want your team to receive notifications from you, they have to enable it in their settings. To do so, your team members have to:

  1. Choose Settings and Team from the Sidebar
  2. Choose the notifications that they are interested in:
    1. Get Comment Notification E-mails
    2. Get Task Notification E-mails
    3. Send Daily To-Do List
    4. Get Weekly Digest

If your team uses Slack, you might also be interested in Slack integration; to set it up:

  1. Choose Settings and Team from the Sidebar
  2. Go to Integrations
  3. Choose Slack tab
  4. Choose which notifications you want to get:
    1. Notify when timeline changes | Get notification via Slack when task is added or edited
    2. Send daily to-do lists | Get your daily to-do list via Slack

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