Profile Settings

In the “My Profile” tab you can edit your personal information and manage your preferences.

Your Account

To navigate to Account and Profile settings, choose My Profile from the Sidebar. This will take you straight to your personal settings. There you can find easy ways to

  • •  Get notified about actions regarding yourself on your timeline (like to-do lists or task assignments and edits)
  • •  Get a weekly overview email called Weekly Digest
  • •  Pin yourself on top to make sure you always find your own profile fist. (This is only visible to yourself.)
  • •  Decide on which day your week begins (is it Monday or Sunday?) or hide weekends altogether to only concentrate on your working days.
  • •  Edit display picture and initials to make yourself stand out from others.
  • •  Delete your user account. Please bear in mind that once you delete your account, all of your data will be removed and it’s not possible to restore it.

High Contrast Mode

High Contrast Mode is designed specifically for people who have trouble distinguishing some colours from others or who need more contrast. It can make it easier to find items on your Timeline.

To turn it on:

  • •  Go to ... > Settings
  • •  Move the slider beside High Contrast Mode to make other options appear

Now, you can:

  • •  Make the text have higher contrast (turn grey font to black).
  • •  Add Background patterns to tasks.
  • •  Add a Background pattern to the “Today” column.
  • •  Add a darker Background to Weekends.
  • •  Add strong borders between Tasks, Users, and Milestones.
  • •  Add colour contrast (replace dark background colours with lighter ones for better contrast).
  • •  Make fonts bigger.


To unsubscribe from our emails:

  • •  Go to Settings
  • •  Slide the bar beside Get Marketing e-mails

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