Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks makes planning repetitive assignments a simple one click action. Whether it’s weekly meetings, monthly reporting or annual reviews, simply choose the best suited frequency and you’re all set. 

To use recurring tasks, first make the 'Repeat' property visible in the task popup. 
  1. Click on 'Other properties'
  2. Hover over ‘Repeat’ and click ‘Show’

In order to make a task repeat, make sure it has dates first (‘From - To’). 
You can then select from the drop-down list how often the task should occur
  • •  Daily e.g., every day
  • •  Weekly on that weekday e.g., on Tuesdays
  • •  Monthly on that date e.g., on the 10th of each month
  • •  Annually on that date e.g., on January 1st of every year
Next you can set an end date to your recurring task. You can also choose to have the task go on forever, end on a specific date or after a set number of occurrences.

What You Should Know

  • •  Recurring tasks are not visible on Plan Boards. They also don't appear as overdue tasks in daily and weekly emails.
  • •  Recurring tasks don’t sync to Google Calendar.
  • •  Recurring tasks don’t currently have one-off exceptions so if you’ve set a weekly recurrence for a task, it’ll have the same status, notes, to-do list and other properties on each occasion. When making a change to a recurring task, you’re changing all the instances.

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