Data Import

Download Import Template

Instead of tediously copying your project data from a spreadsheet (or a different tool) to Toggl Plan, you can import it at once. Easily import tasks from anywhere that supports a .csv export - including Excel, Trello, Monday, Asana and a bunch of others.

You can find 'Import Tasks' in the 3-dot menu at the right top corner of Project views (both timeline and board).

You can now upload a .csv file and match your spreadsheet columns to data points that Toggl Plan supports. 

Some data might be matched automatically (if your column is named 'Status', we will automatically match it with our 'Status' label etc.), but you can edit it however you like, or even dismiss all the suggestions by clicking on 'Clear data' in the top right corner. 

After matching columns to data points click on 'Import'. Voilà - your data is now imported to Toggl Plan!

PS. Please keep in mind, that importing might take a few moments; it depends on the size of the imported file. When the import has been concluded successfully you might need to refresh the page to see the new tasks.