My payment was declined

There are a few reasons why your payment could have been declined:

  • • SCA authentication failure. Starting on September 14th 2019, all online bank transactions performed through European banks will require a Strong Client Authentication (SCA). This is due to an EU-wide directive that aims to improve the security of all Credit Card transactions. For more info read the dedicated article on the European Central Bank's website.
  • • Your credit card has expired, there are insufficient funds on your account, or you've exceeded your balance. Contact your bank to learn if that could be the case.
  • • Your payment info is not up-to-date. You can update your payment information in the Billing section of your Workspace. Message us at if you're locked out and unable to update your payment information.

Our system will continue to try charging you for seven days after your invoice has been issued. If your credit card is declined for those seven days, your Workspace will be suspended.