Toggl Plan offers a 14-day trial to the Team subscription plan that starts automatically after signup (unless you signed up for a Solo plan). If you wish to trial Business features, simply upgrade to Business from the billing page during your trial. You’ll have to add your credit card details, but you will not be billed for and can still cancel your subscription until the end of the trial period.

In short, there are three courses of action you can take during your trial period.

  • •  Upgrade to the Team plan and add your credit card information. You will continue on the trial for the time being and at the end of the trial period, if you haven’t cancelled the subscription in the meantime, you’ll be upgraded and billed automatically.
  • •  Upgrade to the Business plan and add your credit card information. You will continue on the trial for the time being and at the end of the trial period, if you haven’t cancelled the subscription in the meantime, you’ll be upgraded and billed automatically.
  • •  Go with the Solo plan. In this case, you don't need to take any action. The workspace will be downgraded to the Solo plan automatically at the end of the trial period. You can continue using Toggl Plan with its basic planning features by yourself.

Subscription Plans

There are three possible subscription plans - Solo, Team and Business. The Team and Business plans have per user pricing starting from the first user. You can compare the prices on our pricing page

You can choose between monthly and annual subscriptions. With the annual plan you get a discount. The sum is billed at once and your billing date will stay the same never mind the dates you decide to add more people to your team.

In Toggl Plan, invoices are generated per workspace. If you are managing multiple workspaces, each one will be billed for separately.


Toggl Plan is free for single users. 

Solo plan users have access to all the basic features needed for planning such as unlimited Tasks, Milestones and Project Timelines.


The Team plan is perfect for heavier use workspaces with more people or more Projects. Team features are great for collaboration, quick overviews and large workspace organization. Team plan contains all the features in the Solo version and also the below mentioned Team features:

  • •  Unlimited Team timelines - organize people into Teams. Get a big picture overview of what each department, project team (etc.) is doing.
  • •  Unlimited Project boards - organize tasks by status. Great for progress overviews as well as a place for tasks that don't need to be scheduled.
  • •  Annual view - highlights all tasks that take longer than a week to complete, making it a great place for higher-level planning
  • •  Timeline sharing - get a shareable link to update clients, freelancers, or other external stakeholders on your plans and progress.
  • •  In-app notifications - get notified of changes to tasks and Projects you follow as well as being mentioned by a colleague in a task.
  • •  Public holidays - automatically add public holidays to your timelines and know when your colleagues from overseas are off.
  • •  Recurring tasks - automatically create repeating tasks that occur daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.
  • •  Multi-assign tasks - add multiple assignees to a task to automatically display it on each person's timeline and make sure everyone has the same information.
  • •  File upload up to 100MB - increase file upload size from 10MB to 100MB. Perfect for videos and larger images.
  • •  Custom colors - select custom colors for your Projects, Milestones and Tasks. Color-code Projects to match your branding, tasks to indicate priority and more.
  • •  Favorites - organize your sidebar by pinning your most used Projects and Teams for quick access.
  • •  Toggl Track integration - Time your Toggl Plan tasks, and automatically pass time entries to Toggl Track.


The Business plan is great for teams working with sensitive information or external collaborators. It provides a new level of control over who sees what in the workspace, as well as a possibility to export tasks and related information for reporting, summarizing or simple check-ups. Business includes everything in the Solo and Team plans plus also the features described below. 

  • •  Workspace guests - grant and revoke access to specific Teams and Projects on a per user basis with Guest users.
  • •  Data export - export tasks and related information to a .csv file for easier reporting, summaries, and using with other tools. Choose between whole workspace exports, a specific Project or Team exports. 
  • •  Single sign-on (SSO) - log in to Toggl Plan with SSO, via identity providers that support the SAML2 protocol.
  • Compact views - use Compact Board view to hide Task details and Compact Timeline view to hide 'Done' Tasks. 
  • •  Priority support - your messages to support will be assigned the highest priority so you can quickly get on with your work.
  • •  Time off - a clear overview of who’s available and who’s not on Time off view and Team timelines. You can also see a conflict warning when work is scheduled for someone who is unavailable.


  • •  How to renew subscription?Subscriptions will automatically renew unless you cancel or change your subscription before the next billing cycle. If you're on a monthly plan, this means every month and if on the annual, once a year. To update your subscriptions, go to the Billing page of your Workspace.
  • •  Where can I find my invoices?

    Only Admins have access to this information for privacy reasons.

    To locate your Invoices for your Toggl Plan subscription please navigate to the Billing page and click Payment Details & History at the top of the page. You'll find all your past invoices in the popup with an option to download them in PDF. 

    Please bear in mind that it's currently not possible to send invoices via email.

  • •  Are there discounts for NGOs?

    If you are a non-profit, you may be eligible for a discount from us. To evaluate what kind of discount we can offer you, please send the answers to the following questions to

    The questions are as follows:

  1. Who you are and what do you do?
  2. How did you find Toggl Plan?
  3. What do you plan to use Toggl Plan for?
  4. For how many people?
  5. How could you introduce Toggl Plan to others?
  6. Would you link us from your social media or website?