Print / Save as PDF

Here's how to print or save a timeline:

  1. Press Cmd (Ctrl for PC) + P
  2. Set Margins to Default Settings
  3. Click the box next to Background Graphics
  4. Save the PDF or print a copy

Some Useful Tips

Printing in Toggl Plan’s web app might appear wonky at times because we rely mostly on each browser’s printing feature. Your personal choice to use Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla or another provider ultimately determines how that page that comes out of the printer.

Choose Chrome

As Chrome is the go-to browser for most of our users, we have optimised the printing experience with that browser in mind. We don’t want to force you to use Chrome, but because so many of you do already, it made sense to optimise printing for that browser.

Tweak Your Settings

If you’ve chosen Chrome and the printing function still looks like it needs a lot of work, there are a few settings you can take a look at.

First, make sure you have the Margins set on default. To check your settings, click “More settings” and then choose “Margins.”

And if your page looks like there’s not enough colour on the tasks, click on “More settings” and tick the box before “Background graphics.”

If Possible, Don’t Print

Printing your timeline is easier than ever before, but we still encourage you to think twice before printing. One of the greatest benefits of Toggl Plan is that it updates in real-time, while a print out is only accurate the moment it’s printed. If you need to keep an eye on things, try keeping Toggl Plan open in your browser at all times. And if you want to share it with your team or clients, just use our Share feature to share the link for your timeline.

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