Color Coding

Colour coding projects can be a simple yet effective way to keep your timeline overviews informative.

There are three places where color coding can be used in Toggl Plan:

  • •  Every new Task is by default purple. However, you can change each Task's color in the Task popup, right next to its title (see image above). This way you can use color coordination to make key tasks stand out.
  • •  Plans also have a designated color in Toggl Plan. This means every Task created in the Plan will default to the Plan's color, not the traditional purple. It is still possible to overwrite the task's color by changing it in the popup. To change a Plan's color, click 'Edit' from the three-dot menu on the sidebar when hovering over said Plan or from the right-top corner when in Plan view.
  • •  Milestones can also be given a color. Click here to read more about Milestones.

Custom colors

All workspaces have access to the default 45 colors when color coding their Tasks, Plans and Milestones. Custom colors is a paid feature that gives the possibility to use a larger variety of colors. This could be handy in several cases:

  • •  When managing many Plans and running out of different colors to use.
  • •  When sharing your timelines with external stakeholders and desiring to keep them aesthetically pleasing. You can use colors based on your own or your clients visual branding.
  • •  When using colors to recognise project types and needing more shades. For example having all marketing projects in a shade of blue and development projects in a shade of grey.

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