The Very Basics of Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan is a project planning tool that provides you the clearest visual overview of your plans. Color-code your tasks in all colors of the rainbow to create a timeline where you instantly see deadlines, as well as who's working on what and when.

Learn how to set up and navigate your timeline!

Consisting of two main views — Project View and Plan View — Toggl Plan allows you to focus on the tiniest details of every project as well as the bigger picture from your organisation's perspective.

Here are the differences between the two main views and how to use them.

Plan View

This view is designed to help you plan and implement any type of project. Break your project down into segments, set a deadline and important milestones. Then plan it all out task by task. This will first give you a visual reference for how long tasks could take. Once you've had a chance to discuss these plans with your team, it's easy to edit your plans by dragging and dropping.

To set up a plan:

  1. Create a new project timeline by clicking on "New Plan"
  2. Add all relevant segments to the project (e.g. our New Website project consisted of 1) Research, 2) Writing, 3) Design and Illustration, 4) Development, 5) Testing and Feedback, and 6) Iteration)
  3. Add tasks to each segments
  4. Add important milestones to keep track
  5. Assign tasks to relevant users

You can assign tasks to anyone on your team whenever you're ready to do so — and this is how all those tasks end up in team view. Assigning tasks helps you keep your eye on who's doing what, and helps you see in advance who's overwhelmed and who's underwhelmed.

Read more on how to use Plan View.

Team View

Team view gives you an overview of who's doing what and when. When all tasks are correctly assigned, you get a visual overview of your team's pipeline. This way, you foresee most bottlenecks and can react proactively by rescheduling or reassigning less time-sensitive tasks to make sure everything gets wrapped up in time.

To set up a team:

  1. Click on New Team
  2. Add team members
  3. Assign tasks
  4. Choose projects for every task or simply colour code. Adding different colours allows you to have a clear visual overview of who's working on what and when.

You can break your team down into smaller skill-based or other types of segments to better compare how much is in the pipeline, who's available to take on that last minute assignment, and who's barely able to conquer all they're up against.

Read more on how to use Team View.

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