Changes to Toggl Plan’s free version

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This document contains a summary of changes to our free plan, taking effect in March. If you’re still left with questions after reading it, please don’t hesitate to reach out:

What’s happening

From March 4th, some changes are coming to Toggl Plan’s free version, detailed below. 

All existing workspaces will be given a 4-month extension to use Toggl Plan without changes until June 30th.

Why we’re making changes

Here’s the short version:

For years, we’ve offered a ton of value for free. Unlimited usages for lots of features, and even unlimited support. After 5+ years, we’re scaling this back to focus our limited resources on our customers who choose to pay their hard-earned money each month to use Toggl Plan.

How exactly is the free plan changing?

From March 4th (for new sign ups), or July 1st (for existing users), the free version of Toggl Plan will change in the following ways:

  • • Workspaces will be limited to one user. Additional users will need to be deactivated. Any tasks assigned to them (that aren’t in a Plan) will not be deleted, but they won’t be displayed either. You’ll still be able to find them via Quick Search.
  • • Boards will be unavailable. You also won’t be able to access any existing boards. We recommend that you make sure tasks are accessible on a Plan timeline. We can also enable the data export feature for you to export your tasks to .csv upon request.
  • • Shareable timeline links will be unavailable. Existing links will cease to work, and free workspaces won’t be able to generate new shareable links.
  • • You won’t be able to select your Plan, Milestone, and Task colors. Existing colors set will remain the same. When creating new Plans and Milestones, they will be automatically assigned a color. Free workspaces won’t be able to change the colors.
  •  Public holidays will no longer display on timelines. Free workspaces will no longer have the option to display their local public holidays on the timeline.

Users on the free Solo plan will still have access to everything needed for simple planning including unlimited tasks, milestones and plan timelines as well as a timeline to see your own full schedule.

Here’s a list of what is available on the paid plans 👇

Team Plan

The Team Plan, as it is aptly named, allows you to use Toggl Plan with a team. It is priced at $9 per user per month paid monthly, or $8 per user per month when paid annually.

The Team plan unlocks these extra features:

  • • Unlimited team timelines
  • • Unlimited plan boards
  • • Annual view on timelines
  • • Timeline sharing via link
  • • In-app notifications
  • • Public holidays
  • • Recurring tasks
  • • Multi-assign tasks
  • • File upload up to 100MB
  • • Custom colors for Plans, Milestones and Tasks
  • • Favorites for your sidebar
  • • Toggl Track integration

Business Plan

The Business Plan is for those teams that need extra control over their data and privacy. It comes with extra features, and priority support. It is priced at $15 per user per month paid monthly, or $13.50 per user per month when paid annually.

The Business plan unlocks these extra features:

  • • Workspace guests
  • • Data export
  • • SSO (single sign-on) upon request
  • • Priority support

You can find additional information about the features on our pricing page

Once again, if you’re left with any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out:

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