What's New?

Updates From Q4 2021

New Features

  • • Customize default properties on Task card
  • • Click on the empty space on the timeline/board to close a task
  • • Save unsent comments
  • • Paste a link over text to quickly add a hyperlink
  • • Fully rolled out the new Task card
  • • My Work improvements - simplified navigation between time periods, collapse summary section. 
  • • Sign up on Mobile
  • • Introduced My Work and Taskbox on Mobile

Bug Fixes

  • • Do not sent Slack notifications if no tasks are scheduled for the day. 

Read more: toggl.com/blog/toggl-plan-q4-2021

Updates From Q3 2021

New Features

  • • One-off edits to recurring tasks
  • • Assign and Tag your tasks quickly with bulk actions
  • A simpler and more flexible Task card
  • • Collapse sidebar sections
  • • Manage your Teams and Plans on Mobile and edit all Plan properties (Statuses, Segments, Tags) under Plan settings
  • • Manage Milestones on Mobile
  • • Edit your profile on Mobile

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • • Copy task link from right-click menu
  • • Open Plans in a new tab from sidebar
  • • Quickly add links to notes and comments by highlighting text and paste an URL over it
  • • Task counters on board columns
  • • Multiple same-type filters added with OR condition

Read more: toggl.com/blog/toggl-plan-q3-2021

Updates From Q2 2021

New Features

  • • Total time estimates
  • • Landscape and monthly zoom levels on Mobile
  • • Possibility to accept workspace invites on Mobile

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • • Added details to data export
  • • Spring cleaning - filters facelift, hiding default status emoji on timeline views, readability and consistency improvements

Read more: toggl.com/blog/toggl-plan-q2-2021

Updates From Q1 2021

New Features

  • Taskbox
  • • New filters
  • • My Work
  • • SSO
  • • Boards on Mobile

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • • Simplified user roles
  • • Improved signup flow

Read more: toggl.com/blog/toggl-plan-q1-2021

Updates From Q4 2020

New Features

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • • Revamped bulk actions
  • • Improvements to task import
  • Add task shortcuts
  • • Header cleanup and simplified navigation between boards and timelines
  • • Improved signup and email verification
  • • Smaller UI tweaks, cleanups and fixes
  • • Mobile updates: revamped team timelines, new support for plan timelines, continuous scrolling on timelines, revamped task forms

Read more: https://toggl.com/blog/toggl-plan-q4-2020

Updates From Q3 2020

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • • Custom 'Done' statuses
  • • Design updates for timelines, login and settings pages
  • • Rebranded Android and iOS apps to Toggl Plan and updated the designs to match the new appearance.
  • • Mobile app architectural upgrades, bug fixes and cleanup. Updated the timeline from vertical to horizontal to match web app logic and added task attachments.

Read more: https://toggl.com/blog/toggl-plan-q3-2020

Updates From Q2 2020

New Features

  • • Data import
  • • Following Plans and Teams

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • • Task popup updates - customize visible task properties, expanded task view, improved task sharing, who and when created the task info added to top left corne
  • • Keyboard navigation improvements
  • • Revamped Daily Overview emails
  • • Revamped Weekly Summaries
  • • Smaller UI tweaks, cleanups and fixes

Read more: https://toggl.com/blog/toggl-plan-q2-2020

Updates From Q1 2020

New Features

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • • Tasks marked as done on timeline
  • • Performance improvements, bug fixes, smaller updates such as deleting segments with tasks, horizontal scroll (shift + scroll) fix on timeline, new keyboard shortcuts and improvements to quick search.


  • • Rebranding to Toggl Plan

Read more: https://toggl.com/blog/toggl-plan-q1-2020