Rebranding FAQ

Q. How do I contact support?

After February 10, our new support email address will be Don’t fret if you use our old email address, it will automatically be forwarded to our new address.

Q. Does anything change for my company accounting-wise?

Nope! Your invoices are currently issued from Toggl Technology Limited, and this will stay exactly the same after the rebrand.

Q. Will there be any changes in pricing packages because of this?

Nope! The rebranding will not impact our pricing.

Q. What about the Teamweek mobile apps?

As many of you have noticed, our mobile apps aren’t nearly as awesome as our web app. We haven’t had the resources to update the mobile apps, which is why the Teamweek mobile apps will remain as-is. They will not be rebranded or updated with new features.

The good news? In the future, we plan to hire a mobile development team to create new Toggl Plan apps from scratch so that they’ll match the usability and performance you’ve come to know in our web app.

Q. Will there be an integration between Toggl Plan and Toggl the time tracker?

We already have an integration! The integration will remain the same after the rebrand. You can learn more about it here.

Q. Will I get a discount if I use both Toggl and Toggl Plan?

Unfortunately no, at least not now. While we’ll be united under a single brand, we are still three separate companies with separate billing structures, policies, and log-ins. We aren’t currently able to offer a discount to users who use two or three of the Toggl tools, but that could change in the future.

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